Travel A-Z: G is for Get Insured

Insurance — don’t leave home without it — it is as simple as that. While medical care is cheaper in Asia than the west, you will be expected to be able to pay for any treatment you require, and, for serious injuries, the costs can build up very quickly. In countries with undeveloped to non-existent health care, such as Laos and Cambodia, travelling without at least health coverage is insane.

Accidents, particularly motorcycle accidents are common in Cambodia, and believe us, you do not want to be treated for serious head injuries (or any serious injuries for that matter) in Cambodia — you will need to be evacuated to either Singapore or Bangkok and the costs just for the evacuation can be in excess of US$10,000.

Theft, as in anywhere in the world, is a problem. And while insurance won’t help you find the thief and get back your possessions, it will, in many cases, help you to replace some of the items after the event.

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making them as relevant as they are affordable, while covering the risks that matter.