Travel A-Z: I is for Internet

The internet is everywhere — it really is. In Thailand and Vietnam you’ll struggle to find a town that does not have at least a rudimentary internet cafe, while in the bigger cities you’ll have a wealth of modern, air-conditioned, spacious and comfortable options to choose from. In Vietnam now, many guesthouses and hotels supply free internet to their guests.

Laos and Thailand do not have quite as good a coverage as yet, but the main cities all have at least a couple of internet cafes.

The cafes also often offer CD burning for your photos — just be sure to check the CD before leaving as sometimes the pics don’t quite make it.

One thing to be wary of are key-loggers. These are small programs that are installed on internet cafe computers and secretly record all the keystrokes that are made. Later an unscroupulous owner could use this information to access your email, web pages or even your online bank account. We’d suggest exercising extreme caution before using online banking at an internet cafe.

See here for further information on key-logger removal tools.