Travel A-Z: R is for Reservations

To reserve or not to reserve — that is the question. If you’ve never been to Asia before and are travelling alone, a reservation for at least the first night shouldn’t be too bad an idea. Also if you’re coming for a week-long resort vacation rather than a rambling three month adventure, then a reservation could again be a good idea. If however you’re planning the above-mentioned three month rambling adventure, reservations may well not be such a good idea, as if you change your itinerary, you may well need to reschedule accommodation reservations elsewhere, and these changes may often incur

fees and or availability problems.

You should also be aware that the vast majority of places in Cambodia, Laos and Thailand cannot be booked online, and those that can, on some occasions, are not particularly good options.

If you do decide to make a reservation online, you can of course use the Travelfish site, or take a look at the websites of three of our partners for online reservations, Hostel World, Precision Reservations and Sawasdee.