Travel A-Z: S is for Suitcase or backpack

Backpack, backpack, backpack! After all, what you’re doing is backpacking, not suitcasing. We’re constantly amazed at how many people elect to travel on long trips with suitcases, and here are our top ten reasons why we think suitcases are a bad idea:

1) Suitcases are uncomfortable to carry
2) Suitcases with those little wheel things get bogged in beach sand
3) The little wheels on suitcases are often too close together making them tremendously unstable
4) You can’t sew patches onto suitcases
5) Suitcases really do have a maximum capacity, while backpacks have loads of straps for tying on those smelly boots and exterior pockets that you can fill up with smelly underwear
6) Suitcases are generally uncomfortable to sit on
7) You need to entirely open a suitcase to get out the book you packed by accident, while with a backpack it is just stuck in an exterior pocket
8) Backpacks come in a better range of colours
9) Suitcases with those little wheel things cannot be dragged down a rocky path to your hilltop bungalow
10) Backpacks can be crammed into confined spaces due to their flexible shapes