Travel A-Z: Y is for Your possessions

How to keep all your possessions safe is an ongoing headache for travellers to Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and Vietnam. While the vast majority of people in these countries are law-abiding citizens, there’s always a few bad apples ready to rip you off at first chance. Here are a few suggestions on how to protect yourself:
1) Use a moneybelt
2) Divide your cash and travellers cheques across a few places — eg some cash in wallet, bulk in money belt and a extra reserve stashed in one of your bags.
3) Keep copies of everything — passport, traveller cheque numbers, credit card numbers, and if travelling with another, swap copies.
4) If your hotel or guesthouse has a safe use it.
5) Always lock your room.
6) If you’re on the beach try not to leave valuables on the beach, and if you much then put them in a plastic bag and bury them (not to deep).
7) Never, ever leave a bag unattended in a public place such as a bus station, rain station or airport.
8) Never leave valuables in a bag that is stowed underneath or on the roof of a bus.
9) Don’t take all your cash, travellers cheques and passport out with you when you’re heading out to drink 500 beers — chances are you’ll lose at least some of it.
10) Don’t treat everyone you meet as a potential thief, but always exercise care when dealing with a stranger — a little bit of paranoia can go a long way and will help protect your possessions.