mp3 walking tours

Soundtrek has started producing mp3 walking tours for Bangkok — a great idea and one we’ve been tossing around but haven’t had the time to move forward on. Until we get our act together please go take a look at their site — you can listen to the tracks individually for free or download the lot for a small fee.

On Boroburdur

As promised, below are a few happy snaps from Java’s Boroburdur. It was our first time there, and earthquakes, a bubbling volcano, terror attacks, both tsunamis (there was a second one last night — thankfully not as destructive, but still over 100 dead) have really taken a toll on Indonesia’s tourist industry — Yogyakarta (the closest main town to Boroburdur) had very few foreign faces and the actual site was almost deserted.

Travelfish (and CM Blue House) make it into the Star Bulletin

The Hawaii-based Star Bulletin ran an interesting feature on CM Blue House — one of the most popular guesthouses listed on Travelfish — over the weekend. It is an interesting interview with the owners — and one I’m sure they’ll be happy with…

“Our goal is to turn this into a boutique property,” Riley said of the guesthouse, which has been touted as a good value on and is expected to be featured in the next edition of “Lonely Planet,” a travel reference guide.

The Star Bulletin got our domain name wrong (their story reads .com rather than .org), but we’re hoping they’ll fix that one up!

Congrats CM Blue House