Cambodia arrivals surge

TTR reports that Cambodia’s tourist numbers have surged for H1 of 2006 with South Koreans forming the largest group.

Total arrivals rose by over 19% to over 800,000 with almost 35% of all visitors arriving at Siem Reap. Koreans were the largest group, weighing in at just under 150,000 in total. The next largest group, Japan, was less than half that!

Thailand: Ko Yao — the islands you’ve been looking for

If you’re looking for trackless forest and untamed wilderness, the best advice is usually to head to northern Thailand, or better yet, northern Laos. But just an hour away from Phuket, lie two islands where KFC has yet to even think of opening up its doors, where dirt roads turn unexpectedly into cow paths before being engulfed in forests of wild coconut palms and mangroves, where tourism is still an after thought, and where the clamorous din of commerce is nowhere to be heard. Welcome to the Ko Yao islands — the subject of our latest feature story.