Vietnam’s Ha Long Bay unwrapped

The combination of travel agents who promise the earth but deliver nothing but a pile of smelly dirt and travellers with totally unrealistic expectations has long made for a very volatile Ha Long Bay cocktail. What with some 500 licensed junks and the vast majority of travellers to Vietnam experiencing Ha Long Bay via a group tour, one of the most common questions one hears is “How do I pick a good tour?”.

Competition has driven prices down to absurdly low levels and as corner cutting, cheating and bare-faced lies become par for the course so do travellers leaving with a bad taste in their mouth… but it needn’t be that way.

We’ve just added a five part series looking at how to select the right tour to suit your needs — we sent our intrepid researcher on three separate tours — a bargain basement jaunt, a flashpacker option and a more fancy schmantzy choice — and the results are in. Follow the links below to learn all you’ll ever need to know to pick the right tour for you.

Ha Long Bay introduction
Ha Long Bay for backpackers
Ha Long Bay for flashpackers
Ha Long Bay for budget-busters
Ha Long Bay conclusions and a confession

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