Laos inches closed to the million mark

ETTR Daily reports that Laos visitor rates are inching closer and closer to one million, with overall numbers jumping 11% on the previous year’s numbers.

For the first nine months of 2006 the total was 867,405 people. Big players included:
Thailand: 478,193 (55%)
Vietnam: 141, 653 (16%)
China: 36,090 (4%)
USA: 32, 308 (4%)
France: 23,405 (3%)
UK: 23,273 (3%)

Con Dao escape

Everyone knows about Phu Quoc, but the Con Dao islands see a lot less people. Our Saigon correspondent Jon Hoff spent a few days out there and here’s his report on what sounds like a great little hideaway which is but a short flight from Saigon.