Travel research jobs with Travelfish

We’re looking for a couple of Thailand-based travel-writers. If any of the following sound familiar, then we’d love to hear from you.

1) You love to travel
2) You need to look at every flophouse in town before settling on a room
3) You draw up a sketch map of most spots you visit
4) You travel with sixteen guidebooks, hate them all and know you could do better
5) You write bar reviews on the back of coasters
6) You write long letters to your Mum and when you get home she says you should have been a travel writer
7) You read bus timetables — just for fun
8) You collect bus, boat and plane tickets but you don’t know why
9) You keep a travel blog
10) You love to travel

For more information, please see the jobs page. Positions are for immediate start and there’s considerable scope for regional travel after an initial trial period.