Binh Phuoc added

“Binh what?” you ask….

We’ve just added comprehensive coverage to the very little known province of Binh Phuoc — a place you’ll never read about in your guidebook…

You’ll find it on the back way from Saigon up to the Central Highlands. It boasts a total of 900 foreign tourist a year, so for all those people wanting to dodge other tourists, Binh Phuoc is the place to be. You can read all about Binh Phuoc province and the capital Dong Xoai here.

Wiki don’t travel, but Travelfish does

Slate ran this Friday a piece on using the internet as one’s main source of travel information for a trip to Thailand. After finding that Wikitravel just doesn’t travel well, we’re delighted to say Travelfish helped save the author’s trip. Give the story a read here.

I’ve been following some of the online discussion that has followed Tim Wu’s story in Slate — it’s interesting (and somewhat disappointing) that the focus has been on what’s wrong with WikiTravel rather than what’s right with Travelfish — afterall didn’t we save Tim’s trip?!

While some posts are almost at pains not to mention Travelfish, at least Meta Filter had a good yarn about some of the issues. There’s also a conspiracy theory and a few words from Evan Prodromou, one of the founders of WikiTravel — who takes Wu’s concerns as I assume they were intended — constructively.

While I guess I’m somewhat biased, I thought the Slate story was pretty fair. Given the small team (ie., one full time employee — me!) we have at Travelfish, I think we’ve done a great job at putting together what is — without question — the most comprehensive guide to the region available online, and we’re very excited about what we have planned for Travelfish in the future — we hope you are too.