Arizona Republic writes up Travelfish

We just stumbled upon a list of “Ten travel tips to ease your way through Asia” as the conclusion piece for a month-long backpacking trip through Cambodia, Laos and Thailand one of their writers, Emily Seftel, just finished.

Lo and behold, point 6 reads:

“6 Guidebooks are OK for trip planning, but is a great resource. The Web site focuses on Cambodia, Laos, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam, and provides accurate and useful advice: guesthouse reviews, regional highlights of each country and miscellaneous suggestions, such as what to pack and what health insurance to buy. We found most of our guesthouses on Travelfish, and none of them disappointed.”

Emily — you just made my morning!

You can read Emily’s full trip report over on the Arizona Republic website (you may need to sign-up (free) to read it), though I can’t link to the actual piece quoted above — so here’s a screenshot, just so you know I’m not making these things up!

Arizona Republic screenshot