Diving with a difference in Thailand

It’s easy enough to find a dive shop in Thailand. Some are better than others, but they all offer roughly the same services. You can go on a fun-dive, get your PADI certification, take an advanced training course, and go to a lot of exciting, exotic dive locations. But for those who are looking for a little something more from their diving experience in the Land of Siam, there’s Reefwatch in Krabi town — a dive shop with a difference.

Bia Hoi blog

Stumbled across this great site this morning, no doubt of interest to all Bia Hoi quaffers. Hanoi Bia Hoi carries a great range of independent reviews of the bia hoi spots across town. There’s maps and even photos of many of the city’s hundreds of outlets along with a smattering of restaurants. On 68 Hang Quat (a spot I’ve spent more than a few hours) the site reads:

Some locals have said that unlike other spots in the city, they don’t water their beer down at all. Maybe bia just tastes better in a setting like this.

One for your bookmark collection.

Found via Last Appetite

How to manage your money while travelling in Asia

Questions about travel money are among the most popular topics on the Travelfish message board, with people regularly asking about the how’s and where’s of travel cash. We think the best way to organise your money while travelling in Asia is to first become aware of the fees involved and then research the best card. Read on for advice on how to pick the right card and how to manage your money in a way that maximises convenience without being overly risky.

The Guardian on Cambodia’s south coast

John O’Mahony recently spent some time wandering around Cambodia and had some greats thing to say about Cambodia’s south coast, including night-swimming off Ko Tonsay. He also alludes to the increasing investment and development that is going into that part of Cambodia — to quote O’Mahony:

If you want to experience the coast of Cambodia in its raw, elemental and often dazzling natural state, don’t wait a moment longer.

You can read the full story here.