Fifteen tips for a great holiday in Asia

This November we celebrated our 10-year anniversary of living and travelling in Southeast Asia. In that time we’ve had the good fortune to live in three of Southeast Asia’s most interesting countries (Cambodia, Indonesia and Thailand) and to travel extensively throughout the region. We arrived from Sydney, Australia back in 1997 with just the two backpacks, and by the time of our most recent move (Phnom Penh to Jakarta in 2005) the two rucksacks had bred — giving birth to a 20-foot container. In the past decade, aside from accumulating enough flotsam to fill a very big metal box, we’ve collected the following 15 pieces of advice that we hope will help you get the most out of your trip.

Nine Southeast Asian upcountry hideaways

Everyone knows about Pai, Muang Sing, Siem Reap and Sapa but what about if you’re looking for somewhere a little bit more off-the-beaten-track when it comes to exploring Southeast Asia’s great interior. Not surprisingly there’s loads and loads of places that you’ll read precious little about in your guidebook, that could be just the spot you’re looking for. Here’s a few of our favourites across the countryside.

Travelfish Guide to Ko Phi Phi updated for 2008

We’ve just released the new edition of the Ko Phi Phi Travelfish Guide and it’s available for purchase here.

It’s based on research undertaken on Ko Phi Phi in October and November of 2007 and as such it is far more up-to-date than your Lonely Planet, Rough Guide or whatever other legacy guidebook you have.

We’ve added a couple more pages, expanded coverage of Phi Phi Leh and an extra 7,000 words of detailed travel intelligence.

The price has creeped up to a whopping US$3.95 – that’s a whole extra dollar — for 13 A4 pages and 24,000 words of info on Ko Phi Phi… we hope you find it to be good value.

Asian beach hideaways

December arrives and with it peak season. Guesthouses fill up, train tickets get harder to find and, of course, cheap airline seats vanish. Simultaneously, traveller message boards across the web light up with people asking after unspoilt beaches, deserted valleys and pristine hideaways. So here’s the scoop — here at Travelfish we’ll be sharing a few of our favourites — pointing you in the right direction to find some of those unspoilt beaches, deserted valleys and pristine hideaways. Lets start off with some strips of sand to keep you sane.