Wow it’s been that long

Despite there being a link to the blog on the bottom of every page of Travelfish, sometimes I just forget to post — but I didn’t realise it had been so long! January! My most humble apologies.

So here we are May 1, I won’t bore you with a three month update, but in summary, we’ve been pretty busy with moving house, painting house and churning out more Travelfish content — including the very popular Travelfish Guides (Hanoi was finally onto the shelves last night, but we’ve also managed to get out Ko Samet and updated Phi Phi and Siem Reap guides).

Simultaneously we’ve taken on a few new researchers — C (in Laos), A (in Thailand) and T (in Singapore) and they’re doing a mighty fine job of delivering the goods — keeping dearly beloved and me busy getting their material onto then web.

So what’s more to come? Well the blog is going to take a bit more of a personal turn as I try to write a bit more about the site and what’s involved in putting it all together. It seems I’ve put a couple of noses out of joint of late, so it may be a good idea to let people know we’re not some mega-enterprise, but rather a handful of people with a desk and two laptops… so come on, how about a bit of slack people!

Anyways, we’ve got a very bust May planned, so there should be lots more good travel intelligence coming your way.