No sexy girls nor psychic healers please

You’ve probably noticed that most pages on Travelfish have a block of adverts, with a bunch of text links, or, in some cases an image ad, with a small logo reading “Ads by Google”

These ads are one of the ways Travelfish earns its keep — each time a Travelfish reader clicks on one of these adverts, we earn a little bit of money. It’s a very common way for many websites to supplement their income.

Up until very recently, as the publisher, Google allowed us very little control over what advertisements appeared on the site. Of course if we saw some totally dodgy advert we could block it, but as many advertisers target their adverts to appear in just certain countries or locations, manually checking each page wasn’t a practical solution for checking what adverts we were displaying.

This changed recently when Google released a new “Ad Review Centre” which made it slightly easier to check what was showing on the site. Here’s some of the adverts we found (I’ve removed the actual URLs):

Thai Girl Photo
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tettter test
tett with one t is not unacceptable

Psychic Healer from India
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We try to keep on top of what adverts appear on Travelfish, and examples like the above we do remove. If you happen accross and advert you think isn’t in line with the views on Travelfish, please do send us an email with the text of the advert, what page you saw it on, and what country you’re in. In particular, being a site with a significant focus on Thailand, we see quite a few adverts advertising Thai women — we don’t approve of these adverts, and are removing them as we find them — if you come across one, I’d really appreciate it if you could bring it to our attention.

Thanks in advance