TransitionsAbroad call Travelfish Website of the Month

Leading travel publication, TransitionsAbroad has declared Travelfish Website of the month for August 2008. It’s always great, and very encouraging to receive praise, but even moreso from a publication of the calibre of TA. The full review reads as follows:

“ is a beautifully designed and minimalist website where the content is truly as good as the form. Travelfish is one of the only website-only publishers that pay independent, anonymous researchers to go and visit destinations in Asia which include Cambodia, Laos, Singapore, Thailand, Thai Islands, and Vietnam. Travelfish covers destinations that nobody else does. The coverage of Vietnam, for example, includes entire provinces that you’ll read about nowhere else, on- or off-line. That makes it an ideal information source for independent travelers looking to truly get off-the-beaten track.

Readers are able to make contributions to the site through Travelfish’s hosted forums and blogs, but the editors have limited unedited content in order to focus on the real strength of the website—independent, unbiased reviews, and opinions by travelers who know what they’re talking about.

There is much free content on the site in the form of guides, features stories, suggested itineraries, FAQs, and other resources. In addition, specialized Travelfish guides in PDF format can be (purchased for a very small payment) which cover selected islands, cities, and sites intelligently.

In addition, within the PDF guides every single one of the accommodations listings (and there are over 3,500) has been visited, in person, by one of the researchers at Travelfish. As a result, they represent the largest single repository of accommodations advice for the countries covered.

In the view of Transitions Abroad, represents the state-of-the-art in the dissemination of reliable travel destination information.”

Transitions Abroad website of the month, August 2008