34 ways to travel greener

Every day brings more news about the catastrophic changes that are headed Earth’s way. What’s the use of heading off for a beach holiday if all the beaches are underwater courtesy of rising sea levels? Unfortunately there’s some inevitable environmental impact in opting for a holiday in Asia, but luckily for you, here at Travelfish, we’ve put together a list of 34 ways you can try to reduce the environmental damage you’ll cause to by tramping across Southeast Asia. Read on, and please leave your own suggestions at the end of the story.

Sihanoukville Travelfish Guide released

We’ve just released out latest Travelfish Guide — this one to Sihanoukville, on Cambodia’s south coast. This 14-page ebook is the perfect addition for somebody contemplating a trip to the Cambodian coast and is far more up-to-date than traditional guidebooks. It’s available for sale now in the Travelfish store for a mere US$3.95 — how’s that for value!

We’ve also bundled up a Cambodia Pack — all our Cambodia-related Travelfish Guides into a single download and on sale for US$11.85 — a 25% discount off their regular price. You can buy the Cambodia Pack here.

Da Nang photo essay added

We’ve just added a new feature story of sorts — this one a collection of ten photos taken in Da Nang and its immediate surrounds. Think of it as a “photo short story” rather than a photo essay. This coincides with our newly updated Da Nang coverage which is all online except for the maps (which will be updated shortly). You can read (or rather look at) the Da Nang photo piece here and you can read our updated coverage of Da Nang and China Beach here.


Saigon Travelfish Guide goes live

Researched through the middle of 2008, packing 21 pages, over 30,000 words of travel intelligence, more up-to-date than any traditional guidebook, over 100 recommendations for beds, bars and attractions… yes, that’s right, the new Travelfish Guide for Saigon is available NOW! It’s big and packed with info, and, for the independent traveller, easily the best source of information out there …

All this for US$4.95 — less than the price of a decent foot massage… Read all about the best PDF guide to Saigon here.

A blogger looking for a review copy? Get in touch with Stuart at stuartmcdonald@travelfish.org or Samantha at sambrown@travelfish.org

What does it cost to get out of your home country? New Travelfish feature story

So what should it cost you to get out of your home country for a holiday in Asia? We discuss the costs in this, the first part of a five part story about managing your money while travelling in Asia.

In summary, we came up with:
Return airfares to the region: $500-$1500
Travel insurance: $150
Vaccinations: $200-$300 (varies tremendously)
Backpack: $100
Sandals: $50
Passport $100-200
A couple of visas: $100
Yup — over $500 in expenses and you’ve not even picked up an air-ticket yet!

Read the full feature to see the breakdown and collect some advice on how to keep your costs at a minimum.

Sihanoukville updated

We’ve just finished updating our Sihanoukville coverage, including new coverage of Otres Beach and thoroughly revised work on everywhere else. You can read it here.

That said, there’s more on the way, as we’re dispatching a researcher again shortly to cover a few new destinations on some of the province’s many islands… we’ll keep you posted.