Apologies Thailand competition

2008 has already bestowed upon us the splendid “Visit Indonesia 2008. Celebrating 100 Years of Nation’s Awakening” courtesy of Indonesia’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism. Who would have thought we could expect an even bigger clanger in the same year?

The Tourist Authority of Thailand (TAT) isn’t one to be outdone, and according to media reports they’re on the brink of launching “Apologies Thailand“.

Catchy? We don’t think so either.

Aside from the fact that it is grammatically incorrect and really doesn’t make any sense at all, if they wanted to apologise for the slight inconvenience of having two of the country’s international airports overrun by a mob for seven days in peak tourist season, then perhaps something like “Thailand: Take the bus” may have been more appropriate.

Anyhoo, we know what a smart lot you Travelfishers are, so we’re running a competition: can you come up with a better slogan than “Apologies Thailand”?

The winner gets a complimentary copy of every single one of our Travelfish Guides — worth around US$80 in total — and a Travelfish T-shirt printed with the winning slogan. Entries close December 31, 2008.

Have fun, and remember: Grammar doesn’t matter!

You can enter the competition over on the Travelfish forum.