Bangkok’s top ten guesthouses for 2009

In a massive city like Bangkok, where there are quite literally hundreds of places to stay, finding the right place to stay can be both a challenge and, well, a bit of a headache.

We thought we’d save you the pain and on a recent trip through Bangkok we door-knocked and room-inspected our way across the city before coming up with our list of what we consider to be the ten best guesthouses and hostels in the entire city.

Our final list spans different budgets from backpacker, through flashpacker to midrange and also covers different districts of the city.

You can read our opinions on each place and even see where each is located see the story on Travelfish here:

That said, Bangkok’s a big place and everyone has their favourite — if you’ve an opinion to share, please feel free to drop in leave your thoughts in the comments section of the story.


Stuart and Sam @ Travelfish

Great review of our Phuket Travelfish Guide

Jamie Monk at Jamie’s Phuket has just posted a terrific review of our Travelfish Guide to Phuket. He has lived there for ages and reckons it’s well worth a read, saying:

“So, I am happy to say that for under 5 US dollars you can buy a well researched, up to date, easy to use, recommended-by-Jamie guidebook for Phuket. Well, “book” is the wrong word. Actually you can buy a 37 page pdf file by making payment online and the “guidebook” can then be downloaded. And it’s good. It knows things I don’t know, it has reviews of guesthouses and hotels, it says this about Patong: “a seething mass of tourism, squalor and unrestricted development, a mess of hotels, bars, restaurants, travel agents, massage parlours, tailor shops and touts. Patong is everything that tourism in Thailand should not have become.” Amen.”

You can read the full review here:

So if you’re thinking of going to Phuket do two things — first go check out Jamie’s blog which is a veritable fountain of knowledge when it comes to Phuket, and then, once you’re done there, please consider picking up a copy of our guide!