Interview with Chefs Without Borders

Just walking down the footpath can be a memorable experience in Southeast Asia — you could easily cross paths with an elephant, meander past a blind musicians or step aside to make way for a column of monks — yet one of the most memorable facets is the food. Clayton, Chad, and Lyndon, three Canadian chef-travellers, decided to record their experience as they cooked — and ate — their way across Southeast Asia. We did a short interview with the guys and have showcased some of their videos on the site — you can read the full interview with Chefs Without Borders here.

What is a good beach on Ko Tao

What makes the perfect beach? Are you looking for stretches where no other speedo has swum or are sunset bars and thumping music more your thing? While Ko Tao is best known for its diving industry, it’s also home to more than its fair share of glorious stretches of sand. So here is a round up on some of Ko Tao’s best beaches — note though, this isn’t an exhaustive list — we don’t want to take away all the fun!

Sustainable tourism in Cambodia

I’ve just added a new story onto Travelfish — an email interview with Daniela Ruby Papi of PEPY Tours.

PEPY runs “educational adventure tours” to rural Cambodia with a focus on supporting development in Cambodia’s educational system.

The interview may be of interest to anyone with an eye on the development scene there and with opinions on what forms good sustainable tourism.

You can read the full story here:
Sustainable tourism in Cambodia with PEPY Tours