The Travelfish iPad App

Having just submitted the App to Apple, and fingers crossed that it meets the grade, we’re delighted to announce that Travelfish is a launch publisher for the Apple iPad. Please read on for more details — and yes some screenshots — of what the App can do for you.

Map the mayhem
AngkorThere’s nothing worse than arriving in a foreign country to have the airport cabbie rip you off by taking the longest way possible to your hotel. With the Travelfish iPad App you enter your destination and the App maps out the ideal route for you. Then, using GPS tracking it tracks your taxi’s direction emitting a clanging noise as soon as your driver starts to get shifty.

I’ll take the Interbank rate please
Right up there with shifty cabbies, dodgy exchange agents are another bane of the traveller’s life. No more. We’ve fully integrated a live updating stream to interbank rates. All you need do is enter the amount into the onboard calculator and the App will tell you exactly how much your dollars are worth. No more need to shop around.

The bed bounty
While you’re in the cab counting your cash, enter how much you want to spend on a bed into our “Bed Bounty”. This then searches through our database of 16,000 rooms and delivers you with a video walkthrough of the exact room you should opt for. If you’re after a dorm room, we suggest you purchase the “liveline” addon that gives you a realtime video feed from the dorm so you can choose one with people that look interesting (or hot).

Master MSG
Ko SametAs frequent travellers to Asia know, the locals lay on the MSG as Australians do cheese. And while you can ask to skip the MSG, that doesn’t always deliver the goods. So in a breakthrough of touchscreen usage, with the Travelfish App just place a dollop of your Tom Kha Gai on the glassy surface of the iPad and it will detect even the smallest amount of MSG. On a positive result the screen turns red, green for ok to eat. An additional add on is also available to test if the water is ok to drink — all you need do is poor some water on the iPad (not too much!) and it will let you know if it is safe.

Eat by pictures
There’s nothing worse than ordering a plate of Fried rice with chicken only to have fried rice with egg brought out. So don’t risk your meal over your crummy tone usage. Instead make use of our 5,000 image photo library illustrating every Asian dish. All you need do is shuffle through and point to the dish you want. Thrillseekers can shake the App to have a random dish selected. Then it’s up to the noodle vendor to whip you up a plate of Seua Rong Hai quicksmart — if they can’t someone else will.

Speak like a local
Ko Phi PhiThe Travelfish iPad App has a bevy of live language features, but the best is the “Backpackertron” that has been designed for group parties where everyone speaks different languages. All you need do is enter in something and it will supply the text translated into any question you want. For example:

Starting with “Do you know a good guesthouse in Bangkok?” the backpackertron delivers:
¿Conoces un buen hotel en Bangkok?
Où est la salle de bains?
Myslím, že jste naprosto sexy
Aku punya ruam buruk, itu penting?
Twój brat jest o wiele bardziej atrakcyjne ni? jeste?cie.
Vil du at jeg skal kysse deg nå?

Language barriers are forever gone!

Savour the sights
One of the great hassles of travelling in Asia is the heat and the best way to avoid it is to stay inside in air-con. But what about the sights? No problem. The Travelfish ipad App includes video walkthroughs of all the main sights in Southeast Asia. Yes that’s right — there’s no need to step outside.

Meet other travellers
Through full integration with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, Friendfeed and 42 other social networks you’ll have every opportunity to virtually meetup and communicate with other travellers. With a clever, well planned use of this feature, you won’t need to deal with any real live travellers at all!

And much more!
There’s more features packed into this app, but we don’t want to let all the cats out of the bag. So please keep an eye out for further announcements.