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I often get asked “Why don’t you have an Android App as well as an iPhone one” and I have two standard replies: We don’t have the resources to build for another platform and, at least according to our traffic, nobody seems to be using an Android phone to surf

I’ve never really understood it, but maybe you do. Below is a chart of the mobile platforms used to browse I realise the iPad doesn’t really belong there, but if it is good enough for Google, it will do for me too.

You’ll see from May through to November this year Android’s share has grown from just under 10% to 13%. Meanwhile the iPhone and iPod Touch has gone from 59% to 47% and the iPad from 27% to 35%. Note, these percentages are of just mobile traffic, not overall site traffic.

The overall iPhone, iPod, iPad section has barely shifted — from 85% to 82%.

Given reports like this, why aren’t we seeing a majority of readers on Android?


Mobile platform use on

Mobile platform use on Click on image for a big version

Below are the share of overall traffic held by mobile platforms (including the iPad) as per Google Analytics.

May 8.5%
June 9.2%
July 10.2%
August 10.3%
September 10.6%
October 12.5%
November 13.8%

Don’t have a mobile optimised interface? Perhaps time to start thinking about one.

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  1. At TNH we’re seeing similar stats for mobile web as you do: Android access is about 20% of iOS (the dominant mobile OS).

    Since we have native apps for both Android and iOS we have another interesting stat: native app utilization and downloads.

    Overall the Android app has been downloaded at about 10% of the rate the iOS app has, and utilization is at similar proportions.

    I could speculate about why that might be: a less efficient discovery process in the app store; less of an ‘apps’ culture for Android; iOS devices more likely to be in the hands of people with disposable income for travel.

    But that still doesn’t do much to explain why the web stats are so low.

  2. Thanks for the comment Tom. It’s an interesting situation. On Twitter another suggested that just because Android is going out installed doesn’t mean people are actually using it. ie they’re buying it as a phone, not as anything else and the software isn’t really all that relevant — I wonder how many Nokia users could name the software behind those phones?

  3. As I mentioned last night my stats are 60% iEverything vs 30% Android rest Blackberry Symbian

    Interestingly I’ve only just got the latest Google Analytics update so am back on a learning curve for breaking things down all over again. With GA reporting individual Android phones as the OS >:/ last GA was easy.

    Anyway, I think if you break things down into regions some of your queries might be answered. My two highest traffic countries are USA and Philippines, Malaysia and then back to UK, OZ. When broken down, the amount of Android usage coming from the Philippines is large. Why? Because Samsung have the market their amongst the general population eg it’s cheaper than an iPhone.

    Also, I’ve been, or rather was, heavily into Android forums when my phone went bust, and left my mark :) I’ve also been listed in some Android RSS apps which is driving some traffic.

    I’ve also done squat when it comes to Apple devices. So maybe there’s a connection there too as I think you’ve been involved with apple marketing of your apps too?

    I also think TF is more a travel planning site, so perhaps your users are more affluent than mine? More affluent types from overseas looking at planning trips bookings etc.

    Anyway, just some points.

  4. Hi Dave,

    Yes the source nation is important, Our top five are UK, US, Thailand, Australia, Vietnam — that’s a pretty fair spread across device usage, though much of the US and Vn traffic is perhaps travellers from the other countries travelling there…

  5. I dont bother with web stats :-)

    But just off emails I receive ‘Sent from my ipnone/pad’ and observing guests at our place it seems that people with iphones / ipads use them far more for viewing online content and also are far more likely to have them than an Android device. If I see guests with a phone out checking their emails then it’s almost always an iphone.

    I guess Apple fans are a different demographic – far more likely to buy stuff online, far more likely to live in an area with good wifi / 3G coverage and far more likely to travel around the world with their devices.

  6. Looking at the stats today for a few client sites including a fairly large one, iOS still has about 80% of the mobile browser market, only a very small increase for Android over the past six months. Visitors are predominately from Australia (96%+). Whoever is buying all those Android phones they aren’t using them to browse the web.

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