What do I pack for an international weekend away?

In February last year I blogged about what I was packing for a three week trip in northern Laos. This Friday I’m off for a three-day trip to Saigon, so I thought I’d revisit the list and see what goes out the window and what technology has replaced when I gain almost a year while my trip loses 18 days.

Last trip I took the MacBook, an iPodTouch, a Nikon D70 and a Canon Ixus 860. Phonewise I had a Nokia-3-sumthin. Plus all the cables chargers and what not.

This time I’m taking the MacBook and an iPhone 4.

I’m currently reading Steve Jobs Biography. I was previously reading it on the Kindle, but that got nicked by some thieving scumbag, so now I’m reading it on the iPhone4 courtesy of Kindle for iPhone.

The moleskin has fallen apart. I’ll be using Notes on the iPhone4 for any note taking.

No guidebooks, though I’ll have our latest Saigon research on the iPhone4 (in PDF format) and I’ll be using EveryTrail and/or a free map for any mapping needs.

So the above is the big change. I’ve used an iPhone4 to replace one iPodTouch, two cameras, one phone, one notebook, four charging cables and any guidebook and mapping needs.

I remain no fashion horse. One pair of Camel cargo pants and one pair of long shorts with around 362 pockets. I wouldn’t normally mention that the cargo pants are Camel brand (Camel as in the cigarette company) but their cargo pants are excellent, with lots of pockets and are very hard wearing — so I just swallow their sneaky branding exercise, foreswear the ciggies and just wear the pants. Other clothes, three tshirts, four sets of underwear, handkerchiefs, no socks. One baseball cap (AFP branded in case that matters).

For shoes I’m taking my canvassy slip-on Crocs they wear soooo well, are very comfortable — and cool because of airholes and the light fabric.

Toileteries etc
Minor stuff, a small towel and standard toiletries. My miniscule medical kit includes bandaids and plaster (for blisters). Mosquito repellant but no malarials.

Random stuff; a ball of string, a spare pair of glasses (if I can find them) but no sunglasses (I don’t have any). One passport.

This section has barely changed from what I packed for the longer trip last year. This is why buying a big pack because you’re doing a long trip is silly!

Money matters
A coupla hundred in cash with an international access ATM card.

The e-stuff
One Bali – Singapore – Saigon – Singapore – Bali eticket and one World Nomads travel insurance policy.

Attitude to travel
Lastly, and probably more important than any of the stuff above, an open mind, as few preconceived notions as I can manage and a strong desire for FUN!

Stick it all in a bag
All of the above fits easily into my 40 litre Victorinox pack — leaving plenty of space for presents which means more fun when I get home.