How to make $7,000 per month travel blogging

Making money online is kinda modern day snake oil – just buy my book and you’ll know too. I hate that crap. So, here’s one way you could make $7,000 per month travel blogging.

1) Come up with a snazzy brand.

2) Make a snazzy sticker (at least as snazzy as the brand) that includes the domain name and logo and have 1,095 stickers printed — or go crazy and print 1,100 just to be safe.

3) Set up a blog that supports multiple authors – 1,095 in fact. Start with WordPress — or whatever tickles your fancy.

4) Plan a trip. It’s a comprehensive one — it goes for three years. (In case you haven’t figured that out, that’s 1,095 days).

5) Do a writing course.

6) Do a photography course.

7) Read a lot. A Lot.

8) Start travelling.

9) Each and every day, for the next three years, find a single place that is better than anything else you found that day. The highlight. Could be a hotel, a bar, restaurant, a bike mechanic, an accupuncturist. You get the idea. Something great.

10) Write about that single thing. In depth. With photos. Explain why it was great. Help your readers to reach them.

11) Go to the place you wrote about. Give them one sticker and tell them to value it. Set them up on your WordPress site as an contributor with permissions on their specific post. Explain to them that they’re responsible for keeping the page up to date.

12) Tell them you’ll run the page for free for them for three years. Afterwhich it will cost them $10 per month to keep going. (Don’t forget to mark any links “nofollow” once they are paying for them)

13) Use Twitter, FB etc etc to promote what you’re doing. Obviously also have blog posts that are more personal as you develop your voice and readers begin to identify with you. You know, build a brand.

14) Repeat for the next 1,095 days. Day in day out. If you can’t build a brand in 1,095 days, you’re in the wrong industry.

15) Alowing for say 25% of businesses to go go bust or not see the value in what you’re doing (pick your favourites carefully), in around 2,000 days you’ll be seeing around $7,000 per month in income. Is this for everyone? No. I’d hate to do something like this!

16) That’s it.


Would the above really work? Perhaps. If you’re a highly motivated, self confident individual with the gift of the gab, why not?

But what I’m really trying to illustrate here is that if you really want to make money travel blogging, you need to be thinking — and planning — along these kind of timelines.

Three years is a short time, but you can do an awful lot in 1,095 days.

PS., yeah I know they’d be costs in getting the money off people etc — just travel for a fourth year to cover those 😉