Is not doing SEO the stupid way?

The Travel Blog Camp was help in London overnight and while thankfully I was asleep for much of it, there was one tweet that got a bit of traction and this rainy morning got my attention.

“SEO is a fundamental part blogging. If you do not do SEO you are stupid. Which is why bloggers are publishers”

The Travel Blog Camp twitter account later attributed it as “sort of a quote from @blogworld” and noted that “I think what he meant was if you want an audience you need to do SEO so that they can find you. Difficult to relay in 140.”

It’s an interesting one.

I think it is interesting because it’s painting SEO as some kind of additional thought process that needs to go into a post — kind of like you write the post and then you build an overlay of SEO over it. If that is how you are doing it, then in your case “doing SEO” is stupid.

For most of us mere mortals, simple SEO need not be a dark art — it can be if you want, but it need not be.

In most cases, use a good title that tells the reader what the story is about. Sure, nothing wrong with the occasional “Fergie Toe Job” title, but generally a more descriptive title is useful.

Don’t bury the lead.

Sparingly add influence (generally with bold or sometimes subtitles) to points that deserve it.

Link out to additional information that your readers may find useful and or of assistance in learning more about the topic in question.

That’s it.

All of the above will improve the reader experience.

So why aren’t you doing it anyway? Regardless of SEO.