The Travelfish newsletter: The good, the bad and the ugly

Regular Travelfish readers may know that we have a regular newsletter that we send out every Monday (well sometimes Tuesday if things get out of hand). It’s a wrap on what is happening both at Travelfish HQ and on the website along with a roundup on interesting news and writing on the region. You can read a previous issues here.

We’ve thousands of subscribers and thankfully have new people subscribing daily.

Not surprisingly we also have people unsubscribing (luckily not on a daily basis). After all, we’re a travel website focused on a single part of the world and for some people, once they complete their trip, the newsletter loses an element of its relevance. But there do seem to be many armchair travellers or repeat Asia visitors out there — which is great to know!

When people unsubscribe, they’re given the option to let us know why they’re unsubscribing. We thought what better way to help you decide if you should subscribe was to let you know why people unsubscribe.

So here’s a selection of the Good, the Bad and the Ugly. While this is just a selection, it is roughly in proportion to the total numbers of unsubscribes we get.

The Good
“It’s too upsetting to read about Southeast now I am no longer able to go.”

“I’m leaving SE Asia in a couple of days, and I fear reading your blog will not help my withdrawal. Give me a couple months and I’ll be back. Travelfish is an excellent resource.”

“Not travelling at the moment or in the near future and its sad to read everything!”

“Loved reading your travel news but we are going away in a few days time and will not have internet access (apart from spasmodic visits to Maccas!) for some months – will be back to subscribe when we have finished travelling, as your info is excellent – can relate to so many of the articles. Thanks very much, and great to know you are expanding.”

“Your newsletter was great, but my times of travelling are over now.”

“Finished 4 years of travelling Awesome site!!!!!!!! Used it always on our trip”

“No travel plans for some time. Great help for my recent trip to Thailand though…”

“Great site…..going to South America – I will subscribe when SE Asia is on my radar again”

“I am unlikely to be travelling again for a long period. However the emails were very interesting and useful when I needed them!”

“Not in Asia anymore! Brilliant website though and will be back!”

“We came back from travelling and it’s depressing me having to read about all these wonderful places.”

“I have completed my travels of Southeast Asia for a few years. I’ll start up again when i decide to go back to SE Asia. I really enjoyed the newsletters.”

“Fantastic read when I was planning my trip to SE Asia. Thank you!”

“Not currently planning a trip as I just got back from Vietnam and Cambodia but will be subscribing when I go again. Great newsletter, thanks.:) was very useful and insightful”

“No longer relevant as traveling in Europe – loved the letter/website though and will use the website again for future Asian travels.”

“Loved your newsletters. Found them interesting and informative. Not able to travel in near future now.”

“Very helpful newsletter! We went to SE Asia for 3 months last year. planning next trip now to different part of the world… thanks for your info.”

“You have developed a great website and I have used it wisely. My Asia travels are over for the next few years. Many thanks for your services.”

“Love it. Travelfish was amazing in helping to plan for our trip to Cambodia/Vietnam in Nov/Dec 2011. But now planning to go somewhere other than SE Asia. Thank you!”

“No more travel planned for the next year or so. Thanks for an excellent service . Love your regular newsletters!! Best wishes for the future. I’m spreading the word!”

“All of information I received was extremely useful. We completed our trip in April, jet lag was everlasting on return to the states, but worth it.”

“No trips planned to Southeast Asia for awhile – however – found Travelfish to be a terrific resource!!!!”

“We don’t need the information any more as we came back from our holiday a while ago. But it is a great newsletter, thank you.”

“I’ve finished travelling for the moment! But travelfish was extremely helpful!”

“Finished my trip to Asia. Now focusing on South America. Your site/newsletter is awesome and I will use it again and recommend it.”

“I have just been away and it’s too depressing to see such amazing places right now! I’ll re-subscribe for the next time. Brilliant site though.”

“It’s just that I won’t be going back to SE Asia in the near future — and seeing this every week makes me envious of those who are there! I still subscribe to you on Facebook.”

“Not planning to travel to Asia soon, but will definitely connect again when I plan to travel to that part of the world.”

“I am no longer traveling to SE Asia. If I plan another trip, I will plan on subscribing again.”

“I have stopped travelling for now and will subscribe when I need it again. Many thanks!”

The Bad
“Trivial content.”

“It was not an interesting read for us. Probably the writings are aimed at a different, less experienced audience.”

“Not that interesting”

“No time to read”

“Not relevant. Thanks.”

“Good info on Travelfish, but the newsletter not so good.”

“I don’t like to be pushed I like to choose who I deal with thank you.”

The Ugly

“Basically, Southeast Asia as a whole and especially Thailand are just jam-packed with rude, lewd, corrupt, slimy, putrid, sleazy, cheating ****. I have traveled far and abroad and in my well-travelled opinion, most of Asia and Southeast Asia should be widely avoided at all cost!” [**** added by us]

In conclusion
If you’ve read through the above and the newsletter sounds like your kind of thing (note you can read previous editions here to get a feel for what we’re doing), feel free to signup via the form below.

You can unsubscribe at any time and, as we’ve probably illustrated up top, we do read every single unsubscribe we receive!

Good travels.