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We’re delighted to announce the release of our first full-colour guidebook and plans for an ongoing series.

Our guide to Flores and Komodo (and surrounds) is designed for the iPad and iPad mini, with PDF versions for other tablets, smartphones and printers. This is our most ambitious release yet and replaces our iPhone guides, which we retired last week.

Our first full colour guide: Flores & Komodo

Our first full colour guide: Flores & Komodo

Our first guide is 59 pages and covers the key destinations for most first-time visitors to Flores and Komodo. It offers comprehensive travel planning information for people heading to the region, with detailed accommodation reviews, food and activities information, and simple maps, with all accompanied by beautiful photos that showcase the stunning nature of the region.

Different layouts depending on what your needs.

Different layouts depending on what your needs.

As is always the case with, we pay our own way — without exception — and our researchers have visited everywhere you’ll read about in this guide. If you haven’t been there, you haven’t been there. We have.

Best of all, the guide is 100% free.

A second, less orthodox facet of our new free travel guides is that, unlike some publishers, we’d love readers — and other publishers — to share them.

Want to email a copy to your friend? Go for it.

Finished your trip? Hand it/email it to a new arrival you meet at the airport.

Meet one of the guides we mention or stay at a place we list? Give them a copy.

Have a website and want to distribute it? Go for it.

Have a newsletter and want to use the guide as a way to get people to sign up? Go for it.

Have a trip planning website and want to provide your readers with a useful guide? Go for it.

While we’d love it if you gave us a link back to our free travel guides page in return, this isn’t a requirement. We’d also love it if you let us know.

The only things we ask in return is that:

* You do NOT extract information out of the guides into other products, websites, soup-can labels or anything else.

* You do NOT manipulate the PDF in any manner in order to remove branding or and other content within. The guides as they are contain minimal branding.

* They MUST remain free – don’t charge people for something we’re giving you for free. That’s extremely uncool.

These type of activities are strictly prohibited.

So what’s next?

More titles for starters — in the pipeline right now are guides to some Thai and Cambodian islands, a few markets in Bangkok and a bit of motorbiking in Laos. Plus, a version for the Kindle is coming in the not too far future — though they won’t be nearly as pretty as these ones, unfortunately.

We’re excited. Way back in the early days of we did free PDF guides, then we did even better paid-for ones. Then we upgraded to iPhone apps, and now we think we’re producing our best product yet — and it’s free.