Preah Vihear: What’s the story

So you’d need to be living in a news-free-zone to have not heard about the fighting on the Thai / Cambodian border — while what you’re seeing today is primarily being driven by domestic political dramas in Thailand, the background issues go way back — wayyyy back.

So, to try and make sense of it all, we had a piece written to attempt to explain what it all really is about. So if you’re wondering is Preah Vihear is safe for tourists, read on. There’s some great pics too!

Cambodia/Laos land crossing update

I ran into SweedishRider — a contributor to the excellent GT-Riders website — when he arrived in the northern Cambodian town of Stung Treng in early November this year. He’s just crossed the land border with Laos and told me that the Cambodian authorities are now issueing visa-on-arrival at the border. Not only did he tell me, he even had a photo of the sign as the immigration kiosk, clearly reading visa-on-arrival. So there you go — no need to get your Cambodian visa beforehand. Visa-on-arrival for Laos though remains unavailable at this crossing.