Google these travel SERPS blow

This morning I googled “Temple Lodge Agoda”. Temple Lodge is an iconic property here in Bali and I wanted to quickly check if they were listed on Agoda (an online hotel reseller). Here’s what Google gave me.

Roll that up and smoke it.

Roll that up and smoke it.

Despite “Tripadvisor” not even being in my query — and believe you me I am not a frequent TA user, so personal preferences shouldn’t be coming into play — Tripadvisor has:

6 of the top 10 results
15 of the top 20 results
25 of the top 30 results
35 of the top 40 results
43 of the top 50 results

The official site comes in at a paltry rank of 55.

As you may have gathered, Temple Lodge is not listed on — but I’m not sure why Google felt compelled to tell me that while it wasn’t listed on Agoda, here are 43 links to a site (which you could argue is an Agoda competitor) I didn’t even search for.

Something very broken here.

While I’m at it, Temple Lodge is glorious. One of my alltime favourite hideaways on Bali – check it out 🙂