New Travelfish layouts

As you may have noticed, we’ve altered the page-layout for the “country introduction” pages on Travelfish. The new pages can be seen here:

You’ll see we’ve altered the navigation, so now the left column has links to all the destinations in the particular country, followed by (depending on the country) a number of advertisements. What used to be the right navigation bar has been removed, with some of the links being incorporated into the third column, and a series of adverts takes its place.

Then, at the base of the page you’ll see two bands of links — the upper band contains mostly advertiser links, and the second band is a summary of some kind things people have said about us.

We’ve made these changes for a number of reasons.

a) We often receive emails from Travelfish readers lamenting the confusing nature of the site. Unfortunately, in covering five countries and 3,500 guesthouses and hotels, things tend to get a bit confusing, so we’re hoping the links to the left will help you reach your destination faster. Also by incorporating the right nav bar into other sections of the page, we’re hoping you’ll find it easier to find what you’re looking for.

b) You’ll see we’ve added a new section on the page, highlighting commentary from Travelfish readers in the accommodation profiles section of the site. We’re hoping this will better serve to highlight the great … and the not-so-great … places to stay in the region.

c) Ads – yes, there’s more ads than what there were before. We’ve expanded our working partnership with WHL from just hotels and guesthouses to tours provided by them and we’re hoping that you’ll see added relevance in the offerings. If you decide to use any of their services we’ll be paid a commission — that will make us happy, and we hope the tour will make you happy — it is doesn’t, please let us know!

As regular readers will know, the vast majority of content available on Travelfish is available 100% free of charge, but as our researchers don’t work for free the advertising revenue goes some way towards keeping the whole shebang in business.

Anyways, that’s about the story — just wanted to keep you all abreast of what’s happening!